Brand Strategy

Loveable brands are built on powerful insights and stories, one
human connection at a time. That’s where Dmax Graphic Brand Lab excels.

A brand your customers can love and engage with – not just tolerate or transact with – is one of the most powerful advantages any business can have. And it matters now more than ever.

We live in an audience-centric era.If your audience thinks you don’t “get them,” they’ll find somebody who does. Earning attention, let alone affection, in a noisy world starts with a strong, recognizable, authentic brand.

Building a brand identity has always required strategic clarity. But today, great branding requires an unwavering focus on fostering authentic connections – making humans your north star as you navigate changing touchpoints, platforms, and trends.

BFM Brand Lab is built to deliver. Our branding practice brings together a cross-disciplinary team of experts in strategy, design, and copywriting, with the agility, acuity, and human focus to give you a strong start to building a great brand.

Brand Strategy

Working with Dmax Graphic

What’s it like working with us? It depends partly on your needs. You might be looking to refresh a long-established brand, or coming to the Dmax with a big idea and a blank slate (we love it when that happens).

Our brand services are delivered by a team lean enough to maximize agility and sharp enough to ensure quality of work. Your team will tackle brand strategy, visual and verbal identity collaboratively – we have specialties but no silos. We get excited about collaborating with stakeholders and digging deeply into a business, but we’re not wedded to an information-gathering process that takes months. We can move with the lightning agility of start-ups or the more deliberative pace of an established brand. 

The aim of brand strategy is to draw out critical insights from the four Cs – Core, Customers, Competition, and Context. These four factors define the territory of opportunity for brand concepts and let us define the overall feel of your brand together.

Once we have a concept that can represent you, resonate with your audience, and help you stand out from your competition, we’ve set the stage for the brand story – the framework that defines your brand’s mission, vision, positioning, personality, and values. Your story, in turn, gives further direction and definition to the final phase of our approach: an eye-catching visual identity your business can take to market.